Premium Mobile Payment API Integration

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The project entailed integrating with Premium Mobile Payment providers API's in Kenya and South Africa. As part of the process flow it was necessary to take payments directly from the user over the mobile device using Premium SMS and similar Mobile Payment methods. The process flow for each Payment Provider had to be determined and an appropriate method for tracking conversions (using PixelK tracking software) had to be developed accordingly.

Kenya - Africas Talking

Connecting to Africas Talking Mobile Payments platform was achieved using the provided library and REST API. The biggest challenge was very incomplete documentation which meant a lot of testing was need to determine the actual process flow. Testing was made difficult  due to the requirement for an active Kenya mobile number. Additionally numerous errors were corrected in the library file.

South Africa - World Play

Similarly to the above this integration was performed using the provided REST API. Additional decryption methods were needed to provided working end-points for POST Backs with results of the mobile payment attempts. Presumably this was created so that the platform would provide secure Post-back's over insecure non-https URL's. Additionally a complex stats gathering system was developed to track payments and other relevant data. This handled several tens of thousands requests per day and was able to process data from a database containing hundreds of thousands of entries and still provide fast access to the admin user.