Price Comparison Affiliate Platform

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This platform consisted of a website that listed popular products with affiliate links to the most popular auction on eBay. The eBay auctions were scraped directly from eBay as the api provided inconsistent results and the website search listings were far better. 

Popular products lists

The popular products list was scraped (using python and beautiful soup) from Amazon's popular brands listings. Based on these keywords a list of Adwords search terms was created and an automated script generated the Adwords campaigns and adverts. These were automatically updated weekly.

Live Stats and Marketing Optimisation

An API end-point was created for Adwords to post stats to. Campaigns not achieving the desired results where then optimised or turned off automatically using Adwords Scripts.

Product Listings

The product listings were updated daily using a custom scraper. This was setup on a separate server and used the Tor network in order not to be blocked. However the scraping was throttled as not to effect the website scraped in a negative way.